Welcome to the Advantage Partnership Board Website! Advantage Partnership Board is an online listing service for illiquid assets. Within this site you will find information concerning the current market for limited partnerships (LPs), both public and private. We match buyers & sellers who have investments in limited partnerships and REITS. LPs are commonly referred to as "Direct Investments" and have traditionally been common vehicles for investing in real estate, venture capital, equipment leasing, cable TV, oil & gas, and other assets. Although most such securities are not listed on centralized stock exchanges, interests in limited partnerships & REITS can be bought or sold in the secondary market. Advantage Partnership Board serves three key segments of the limited partnership market: publicly registered LPs, private placement LPs, and institutional LPs.

Sellers contact Advantage Partnership Board for indications of current market pricing. Once the seller has agreed to a minimum net price and signed an “intent to sell” agreement their units or shares are listed for sale for four days. Buyers can submit bids via e-mail, phone or fax. At 12:00 PM EST on the day of expiration of the listing the units or shares are awarded to the highest bidder.

Contracts are then forwarded to buyers and sellers. Upon receipt of both sets of contracts the buyers funds are deposited into a FDIC insured escrow account at Compass Bank. The necessary documents are then forwarded to the transfer agent or general partner for transfer approval. Once approved the buyer’s funds are released from the escrow account and forwarded to the seller along with trade confirmations.